Urinal Services and Water Management

Cistern Flush

Cistern flush

How much water could you save?

The Cistern Flush is a retrofit variable flush mechanism developed to save water and reduce water bills. The average 9 litre cisterns use approximately 10 litres of water during each flush, as an extra litre flows from the ball valve during the process. The Cistern Flush allows the user to reduce this by up to 9 litres per flush, just by pressing the green button. Due to the innovative design, the Cistern Flush can be fitted to most existing WC cistern.

How it works: The Cistern Flush fits into the spare handle hole on the WC cistern. The unit allows the user to flush using he handle as normal, but to stop the flush when required by pressing the green Cistern Flush button therefore putting YOU in control of the water you use.

Our focus is on the service we provide, as with all our products the Cistern Flush comes with full maintenance and support, so there is nothing for you to do.

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The benefits of our Cistern Flush service:
• Saves up to 9 litres of water per flush
• Reduces water bills
• Easy to operate
• Fits to existing WC cisterns
• Protects the environment
• Reduces carbon footprint
• Approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme

The little green button with big green credentials!

SensaFlush Urinal Water Management System


Reduce your water consumption by up to 90%

The Sensaflush significantly reduces water consumption and associated costs by eradicating unnecessary and expensive water wastage when flushing your urinals. The unit detects urinal usage and flushes after urinals are used. The unit flushes automatically if detection does not occur for more than a 12 hour period. Wireless technology allows easy installation of the detection unit in its optimum position.

Service is crucial to us here and as with all our products the Senseaflush comes with full maintenance, servicing and support, so there is nothing for you to do.

To find out more about our Sensaflush service, please contact us.

The benefits of our Sensaflush service:
• Can save up to 90% of water usage – ask us how
• Environmentally friendly
• Only flushes when motion is detected
• Fully programmable
• Differentiates between active and idle periods
• Fully serviced and maintained

Are Water Savings important to your business?
We have helped businesses like yours save water across the Midlands

Urinal Sleeve Service

urinal sleeve

Pure and simple urinal maintenance

Using the very latest technology this is a cost effective way to tackle all the problems associated with urinal hygiene. Revolutionary urinal sanitation, reducing the risk of blockages, leaks and smells. This service saves water and money and reduces your carbon footprint. The highly effective patented odour lock reduces urinal odours.

How it works: As urine passes through and around the ‘bio-cap’ a small amount of bio enzyme is eroded into the solution activating the enzyme. This breaks down the uric salts and limescale reducing the risk of blockages. The system also includes a purpose built urinal custom water manager which significantly reduces water consumption and water bills.

All our products are fully serviced and maintained by our team.

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The benefits of our Urinal Sleeve service:

  • Reduces water usage and associated costs
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours
  • Reduces risks of blockages and leaks
  • Regular sleeve replacement improves hygiene
  • Uses environmentally friendly bacteria and enzymes
  • Can be fitted to a new or existing urinals
  • Fully Serviced and Maintained


“Excellent Service, well executed by professional Technicians.”
Gill Valentine, The Salvation Army