Go Plastic Free with Pure Washrooms!

No to plasticThe headlines are dominated by the Government’s pledge to alleviate the environmental issues caused by plastic. Their target is to eliminate all single-use plastic by 2042 (for many of us this probably won’t be in our life-time!).

IWSA members Pure Washrooms takes environmental issues very seriously and are committed to using environmentally friendly products wherever and whenever they can.

The micro-beads in their soaps, for example, are made from ground up fruit stones and not plastic beads still found in some soap products.

And Pure’s latest innovation, of which they are very proud, is the Pure Velocity urinal sleeve. Its unique design reduces urinal blockages and water usage. The chemical used to break down the uric acid (the build-up of which is the main cause of urinal blockages) is a by-product from the soft-drink manufacturing process. Now, instead of going to waste, this chemical can be put to effective use saving your urinals from bad smells and unwanted blockages.

In addition, the unique design of the Pure Velocity sleeve speeds up the water flow through the urinal and reduces the amount of water needed to flush through your system, reducing your water usage. Another tick in the box for environmental best practice.

All our members adhere to a comprehensive Environmental Policy and can help and advise your business to operate your washrooms in a greener way as possible. Please contact us to find out more.

Christmas News from Pure Washrooms

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Wilson Washrooms Support Ronald McDonald House

Wilson Washrooms were delighted to support Ronald McDonald House Charity and attended the Ronald McDonald Sports Dinner at the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow during November. 

This is the seventh year that Wilsons have attended and enjoyed a beautiful meal, witty banter from the speakers, a sports competition and auction which raised a substantial amount of funds all in aid of this very worthwhile charity.

Of particular note was the original and custom made place settings for their table which certainly made us chuckle! Visit Wilson Washrooms website to have a look

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Comment from the Closet – November 2017

Caledonia Washroom Services latest newsletter includes news on World Toilet Day. World Toilet Day is an official United Nations international observance day, celebrated on 19 November, to raise awareness of the global sanitation crisis.  And it is a crisis.  An astonishing 4.5 BILLION people live without a household toilet. Read more>

At a recent meeting the IWSA decided to support Toilet Twinning; an initiative transforming lives around the world by providing clean water and safe sanitation.

Problems with your urinals? Let us Introduce you to Pure Velocity

blocked waste trapHaving problems with your urinals? Unpleasant smells? Blockage issues?

Smells and blockages are caused by the build up of uric salt, body fat and limescale in waste traps. Overtime, this can cause your urinals to omit offensive smells or even more seriously to overflow and flood; costing you time and money to get them repaired. IWSA member Pure Washrooms are not ones to rest on their laurels and although their Pureco system solved many of the problems customers experienced with urinals, we knew something more could be done. Working closely with a innovation engineer, we have created a totally new system; the Pure Velocity urinal sleeve.

Pure Velocity

The secret to the efficiency of the Pure Velocity Sleeve is a fruit based citric acid; a natural by-product from a drink manufacturing process. The citric acid solves your common urinal problems as it dissolves waste, body fat and limescale on contact, with an added bonus that its citrus fragrance deodorises your urinal outlet – Clean waste traps and cleans smells!

Plumber fixing urinalsHave you ever considered how much money you spend on repairs, not to mention the inconvenience this causes to your customers and staff with urinals being out of order? The Pure Velocity Sleeve puts an end to all of that.

Water Saving

It gets even better. Alongside reducing maintenance and repair bills, Pure Velocity’s unique free flow design creates a high velocity flush (hence the name!)removing waste from the urinal trap and reduces the amount of urinal flushing; saving you water and money on your water bills.

Why Choose Pure Velocity?

  • The fast-flush clears waste and reduces risk of blockages and leaks and bad smells; improving your washroom environments and saving you money on maintenance and repairs
  • The design of Pure Velocity reduces the amount of flushing; saving you money on your water bills
  • Ticks all the green credentials; no harmful chemicals and completely environmentally friendly

So, what are you waiting for?
Give us a call today on +44 0800 0325957 and let us help improve your washroom environment.

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Latest News from Wilson Washroom Services – October 2017

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The IWSA has one simple mission; to bring members together to deliver washroom services on a national basis, with the quality service  of a local independent – Nationwide, quality washroom services delivered locally.

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Pure Washrooms on Target to Achieve Ambitious Goals

Martin, Marcus Childs and SimonPure Washrooms, an independent Washroom Service Provider based in the Midlands, has set itself the challenge of increasing turnover by 130% by December 2020. In a time of tough competition Pure is looking to its team to help them achieve this ambitious goal.

Martin Pugh, MD at Pure Washrooms explains, “We have a loyal and conscientious team who continually deliver to the high standards we have set. Pure Washrooms also has a fantastically loyal customer base who frequently applaud the brilliant service they receive from all our team.  Since our inception in 2004 we have made customer service our number one focus. Our business has been built on reputation and recommendations and we have developed the unique Pure Guarantee; the quality we promise is the quality we deliver.”

Martin continues, “We are now looking to grow the business and our team will be playing a crucial part in us meeting our targets. We hold regular team days and the last one we organised was facilitated by Marcus Childs, one of the UK’s leading motivational speakers. The day was a huge success with many saying it was the best day we had organised. Marcus helped us all see that our personal goals and visions can help with company goals and that by all working together we can achieve the success and reap the benefits we all deserve.”

Marcus discussed and showed how if a person or a team of people are able to picture and believe in their goals, then those goals will not just be achieved they will often be exceeded.  He also explained that it is only with everyone working together successfully to deliver a brilliant experience to every customer every time that goals will be achieved.

Marcus introduced the value of “NPS” or Net Promoter Scores as a measure of an organisation’s quality in creating highly positive relations with all its customers. Pure Washrooms is introducing this measurement into its service teams iPad system so that on every service visit Pure Washrooms customers can score the total quality of the service they receive. Pure Washrooms are committed to having the highest NPS in the UK washroom services sector

Pure Washrooms is part of the Independent Washroom Services Association (IWSA) and works collaboratively with other independent providers to deliver services across the UK and Ireland. Contact us to discuss your national washroom servicing requirements.