Washrooms can have a Black Friday too

It’s all gone Black.  We’re surrounded by Black online, in shops, on the TV, on Social Media……so we thought you’d maybe like to go Black in the Washroom too!

Have you thought about some sleek, elegant and stylish Black washroom accessories?  We can supply just about anything.  Give your washrooms a makeover and impress the users with your design flair and distinctive appearance!  Black accessories really can take a washroom from nice to wow!

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Spice Up Your Washrooms

Spice girlsIt has recently been announced that the Spice Girls will be returning for their reunion tour at the start of June 2019. We finally get a chance to bring back those crazy ninety’s outfits and hairstyles. The last time we were blessed with a Spice Girls tour was in 1998 which feels like a lifetime ago. One thing we hope won’t make a comeback are 90’s style washrooms.

We all remember what a 90’s washroom felt like. Walking into the tiled room to see a toilet that has a dainty black lid, a chain flush and some questionable colours marking the toilet; it’s no wonder these washrooms went out of style.

Whilst the Spice Girls seem to be refreshing their look you could too with your washrooms.

Here at Pure Washrooms, we want to offer you our ‘Pure Guarantee’ for your washrooms. We want to ensure your facilities are up to date with the best products and services to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Most washroom companies fear to make solemn promises and do not extend any guarantee to their customers.

Our Guarantee means you can rest easy knowing that everything is being taken care of for you.

Our Guarantee includes:

  • We guarantee to offer you services and products that meet your specific needs
  • We guarantee to deliver the services and products you buy from us promptly
  • We guarantee to only employ experienced, skilled and trustworthy people for all the work we carry out for you
  • We guarantee to install the equipment properly
  • We guarantee to explain in detail how our products and services work
  • We guarantee to make every scheduled visit on time: every time
  • We guarantee to complete all the paperwork correctly for you
  • We guarantee to fix problems promptly

We want to work with you to give you a hassle-free experience, or as the Spice Girls put it, 2 become 1.

To find out what products and services we can provide you with click here.

You can also contact us today at by calling 0800 8000 121.

Bespoke Service Scheduling for Seasonal Washroom Requirements

Did you know that our member, Wilson Washroom Services, is able to tailor its great washroom servicing to meet your needs at busy times of the year?

Whether you require a short term contract for seasonal facilities e.g. shopping centres or visitor attractions, or an increase in service due to a major local event or an influx of visitors (and Christmas shoppers!) to your area Wilson Washroom Services can help.

They can also provide washroom servicing for short term events that only last for a few days, week or month.

A recent example is the Women’s British Open Golf Championship 2018. Read more>

Meet Pure Washroom’s Latest Superhero – He Protects Your Men’s Toilets From Blocking!

Male Disposal SuperheroMeet the latest member of the Pure Washroom Superhero Team! He is the protector of the male washroom toilets. This latest superhero protects your toilet from having items other than toilet roll being flushed down your toilet.

Introducing the Pure Washroom Men’s Hygiene Disposal Service which will see the end to clogged toilets!

Preventing items such as wipes, plastics, paper towels or male discreet protection items from being flushed not only benefits your toilets but it also benefits the environment too as the waste is disposed of properly.

Why is this necessary? Well, 1 in 9 men use some form of absorbent hygiene product and they all need a facility to dispose of it hygienically!!

Here are some of the benefits of the Men’s hygiene disposal service:

  • It is a very discreet and effective solution.
  • Available in 2 sizes.
  • Discretely fits into a WC cubicle
  • Pure Washrooms are an Environment Agency licensed waste carrier and our premises hold an EA Waste Permit.

“Bin it; Don’t Flush It”

Avoid expensive and disruptive blockages with Pure Washrooms hygienic and environmentally friendly service for your Gents’ washrooms

For more information on our Men’s Hygiene Disposal Service,
please contact Pure Washrooms on 0844 8000 121 or by email to hello@purewashrooms.co.uk

Maintain a clean and safe entrance at your business premises

Did you know that the majority of dirt and grime brought into your business comes from foot traffic? It looks dirty and can also be a health hazard to staff and visitors if your floor is not protected.

Dust control mats at building entrances trap dirt before it’s brought in and also prevents slipping. They look great and with a custom design you can extend a friendly welcome and get your brand noticed.

Our members supply and fit custom designed logo mats and provide a full maintenance and cleaning service to keep your mat looking good, working effectively and extend its life span. Read more about this service in Wilson Washroom’s latest newsletter>

Bring back the public loo and how to do it profitably – as seen on The BBC!!!

Caledonia Washroom Services’ very own Iain Stewart talks about his appearance on BBC Breakfast in their latest newsletter.

He was discussing how businesses can make toilets profitable.  The invite to appear on the programme was on the back of the launch of the ‘Use our Loos’ campaign created by the BTA (British Toilet Association) and Domestos.  In short they are promoting community toilet schemes and are encouraging businesses to open their toilet doors to the public.

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3 Things to Consider to Save Water

What a summer we have had; unprecedented weather for the UK and our long summer days have been enjoyed across the country.

However, according to the Environment Agency, we have experienced the driest June since 1925 and the agency has issued a warning that a “dry end to the summer and dry autumn could see the risk of restrictions and further environmental impacts spread across the country”.

As businesses, we have a responsibility to do what we can to protect the environment by saving water this year and educating our colleagues to do the same.

Canteens and staff kitchens seem the obvious place to start making changes, but have you considered you washrooms? These facilities are used constantly throughout the day and so it may be difficult to imagine where you can begin to save water consumption.


  1. Urinal Water Management System. Pure Washrooms has created the Pure Velocity Urinal Sleeve; an innovative product which fits quickly and easily into any urinal. It has a unique free flow design for a fast flush and contains an active Eco-friendly gel, which is released into the urinal and reduces limescale/uric salts. In addition, surfactants coat pipework and perfume deodorisers the urinal. Our Pure Velocity service reduces urinal flushing which saves water and also reduces odours and blockages at the source.



  1. Pureflush. The PureFlush is a retrofit variable flush mechanism developed to save water and reduce water bills. The average 9-litre cisterns use approximately 10 litres of water during each flush, as an extra litre flows from the ball valve during the process. The PureFlush allows the user to reduce this by up to 9 litres per flush, just by pressing the green button. Due to the innovative design, the PureFlush can be fitted to most existing WC cistern.




  1. The Sensaflush. The Sensaflush significantly reduces water consumption and associated costs by eradicating unnecessary and expensive water wastage when flushing your urinals. The unit detects urinal usage and flushes after urinals are used. The unit flushes automatically if detection does not occur for more than a 12-hour period. Wireless technology allows easy installation of the detection unit in its optimum position.




The Pure Washrooms team are experts at advising businesses on how to improve washroom efficiencies and they are waiting for your call! Call us today on 0844 800 0121.


Bin It Don’t Flush It – Reduce your blockages and help save our planet

Mens Hygiene UnitThere is a common misconception that wet wipes are made from tissue paper, however most are made from plastic resins, such as polyester or polypropylene and many people simply flush them down the toilet without a second thought. As a result, blockages occur; in fact, according to research carried out by Water UK, wet wipes make up a staggering 93% of the material causing blockages.

A toilet blockage at your facility is the last thing you need and so we ask you to join the national “Bin It; Don’t Flush It” campaign to reduce disruptive and expensive blockages and also help save the environment.

You may think you have things covered with feminine hygiene disposal services in place, but with more men using both wipes and discreet protection the problems caused by flushing materials down the toilet are not going away (a recent article in the Guardian newspaper, states that sales of unflushable incontinence products for men as well as women have gone up by 50%.)

Our belief is that nothing should be flushed down a toilet except toilet paper and that is why IWSA member, Pure Washrooms is one of the first Washroom Service Providers in the UK to provide a Men’s Hygiene Disposal Service; a discreet and effective solution to help you avoid blocked pipes.

Pure Washrooms will take care of everything and can schedule site visits to suit the needs of your facility. The men’s hygiene service’s grey hands-free units are available in two sizes to fit discretely into WC cubicles in male washrooms, providing a disposal facility at the point of need.

Pure Washrooms is also an Environment Agency licensed waste carrier and hold an EA Waste Permit. They will issue your Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note electronically at every service visit taking care of your legal responsibility to track and dispose of your waste.

To find out more, please get in touch.

Bin It Don’t Flush It – Reduce your blockages and help save our planet