Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? No, it is the Pure Superheroes!

Pure MistPure Washrooms has a new team – a team of cape wearing, muscle toned Pure Superheroes (its existing Pure team of sales, service and admin heroes don’t need the capes!)

Each month Pure is going to introduce you to the latest member of the Pure Superhero team; starting with Pure Superhero Mist; killing germs one door at a time.

Our hands are one the biggest carriers of germs and bacteria and infections can be easily spread when common surfaces are touched.

It only takes one person with germs or bacteria on their hands to contaminate a door handle and put everyone else who uses the handle at risk.

That is where Pure Superhero Mist comes to the rescue in the shape of Pure Washrooms’ Pure Mist Door Handle Sanitizing service – Protecting hands from spreading infections around your building.

How will Pure Superhero Mist’s Door Handle Sanitizing service help you?

  • Disinfects door handle automatically
  • Inhibits bacteria re-growth
  • Ultra-quick drying agent
  • Proximity sensor prevents hands being sprayed
  • Regularly serviced, so you don’t need to worry about anything

Pure Superhero Mist; killing germs one door at a time.
You don’t need a Superhero phone to get hold Pure’s heroes, simply call 0844 8000 121

Do you need to upgrade or refurbish your washroom?

Do you want a more efficient and cost effective paper system? Are you concerned about the cost?

Wilson Washrooms supply, install and maintain ultra stylish, durable paper towel and toilet roll dispensers. They will bring any washroom up to modern standards for cost saving, efficiency and environmental obligations.

Our dispensers are supplied and fitted FREE OF CHARGE and are European Eco Label approved.

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Water – We Need It But Don’t Waste It

Caledonia Washroom Services’ latest newsletter is out and discusses World Water Day, among other things.

It’s World Water Day on Thursday 22nd March and as Caledonia Washroom Services is a company who cares about the environment too, they’re actively supporting saving water.  They’ve written a series of three articles – see here – about how we, in the land of plentiful but costly for business water, can save money, do our bit and look to the future.

  • Taps & Cisterns and tips
  • What uses the most water every day in the washroom?
  • Innovations for the future

Speak to Caledonia Washroom Services about their Water Management Systems and for every installation this month they’ll make a donation to Water Aid.

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Get on with running your business with Wilson Washroom Services

Wilson Washroom Services’ vending machine refill and maintenance contracts let you get on with running your business

Wilson Washroom Services vertical column dual column vending machines dispense a variety of different products in a range of differing units.

They make necessity products such as sanitary products and nappies readily available as an additional service for your customers and staff.

You don’t have to worry about a thing, as we will supply, install and maintain any vending machines that are fitted so you don’t have to worry about the machines ever running out of stock or breaking down.

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Case Study: Pure Washrooms Deliver a True “Silent Service”

The Challenge
Solihull-LogoSolihull School is a successful co-educational school for 7 to 18-year olds in the heart of the Midlands. The school has several washroom facilities on site, all of which need regular fortnightly servicing. The servicing was the responsibility of one of the big nationals and initially a different service technician looked after each different service areas, which wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t until the servicing company decided to change the arrangements and give the work to one person that the problems started. Chris McCall, the School Marshal in charge of the contract explains, “The level of service deteriorated and became rushed and unreliable. When I met Pure Washrooms and heard about their commitment to delivering a quality service, I invited them to tender for the contract.”

Pure’s Solution
Following a thorough survey of the school’s washroom facilities, Pure designed a fortnightly servicing schedule to suit the schools needs. Pure Washrooms assigns one Service Technician to carry out of work on site so that they get to know the routine and don’t need hand-holding on each visit. However, unlike the previous supplier Pure does not rush things and everything is always carried out to our exacting standards, delivering a consistent service time and time again.

Pure was awarded the contract in 2013 and Solihull School has been a loyal customer ever since.

Our Service Technician Darren visits the school each fortnight and make sure he stays on site until the work is done. Darren (and all our Service Technicians) are DBS Checked which allows them to work on school property unattended. We can get on with our work without the need for supervision, freeing up your time to carry on with your usual day to day tasks.

In Summary
When we say the “quality we promise is the promise we deliver” we mean it! Whether you have been our customer for 1 month or 10 years.

The promise extends from our service level to our quality products and our advanced administration systems. You have enough things to worry about, make sure your washroom servicing is not one of them. If you are feeling frustrated or let down by your washroom service provider, why not book a free site survey with us?

“I have been so impressed with Pure Washrooms since day one and have recommended them to my contacts. They do an excellent job. Everything “just happens”. They deliver a true “silent service” and I know that whatever needs doing will just get done.”
Chris McCall, School Marshal at Solihull School

Looking to save money and reduce your water consumption?

Don’t flush your hard earned money down the drain…
Install a Water Management System

Uncontrolled water systems at your premises could be costing you a small fortune. By fitting a Water Management System you will start saving money straight away.

Just one unmanaged water cistern can cost over £600 per year in water charges? By fitting a Water Management System you can reduce the cost by over £400 per year along with benefiting the environment with reduced fresh water consumption.

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Looking to reduce the spread of germs at work?

We are beginning to crave for the first glimpses of spring and a sign that this long winter is almost over. The flu epidemics that have hit the UK over this winter have affected so many. Has your business been affected by staff sickness and absence? Is there anything you can do to reduce the spread of germs and viruses?

Yes, there is…

Pure Washrooms would like to introduce you to Pure Air Sterile. A unique piece of kit that sits discreetly in your washrooms and around you


r workplace. According to Health Protection Agencies Porton Downs Laboratory tests a 1-hour continuous operation of a standard Pure Air unit killed 98.11% of all airborne contaminations. The HPA concluded that these results demonstrated the effectiveness of the Air Sterile technology.


Take action and reduce staff sickness. Contact the IWSA today to book a demonstration.

Air Sterile, secretly fighting the germs on your behalf.



Create a Great First Impression

Dust Control Entrance Mats – Maintain a clean and safe entrance at your business premises

Did you know that the majority of dirt and grime brought into your business comes from foot traffic? It looks dirty and can also be a health hazard to staff and visitors if your floor is not protected.

Dust control mats at building entrances trap dirt before it’s brought in and spread around as well as preventing slipping. They also look great and with a custom design you can extend a friendly welcome and get your brand noticed.

As well as supplying and fitting custom designed logo mats we also provide a full maintenance and cleaning service to keep your mat looking good, working effectively and extend its life span. Read more in Wilson Washrooms latest newsletter>

Comment from the Closet February 2018

Caledonia Washroom Services’ latest “Comment from the Closet” newsletter celebrates World Water Day and more…

Water – we need it but don’t waste it

World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is about focusing attention on the importance of water. The theme for World Water Day 2018 is ‘Nature for Water’ – exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century.

We are going to do our little bit too at CWS.  For every Water Management System installed between today and 22 March, we’ll make a donation to Water Aid.  Read more about how a Water Management System can help your business save water (and reduce your water charges at the same time)

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