Let’s Get Toilet Twinning!

The IWSA was made aware of the Toilet Twinning scheme earlier this year and after consulting with members, a decision was made to take part in the scheme.

Toilet Twinning raises funds to provide proper toilets, clean water and hygiene education in some of the poorest communities in the world, often in volatile and unstable nations. This Toilet Twinning logothree-pronged approach helps people take a first big step out of generational poverty. Without a toilet, people are trapped in a cycle of ill-health: by contrast, having even the most simple pit latrine can transform their health, their capacity for work, their desire to learn and their entire outlook on life.

The charity’s approach is to encourage families to build their own loos, after we’ve taught them about the importance of sanitation and basic hygiene practices such as handwashing. Our local partners provide the training and materials, but generally the families themselves do the hard work, digging the pit and constructing the toilet. In this way, they have ‘ownership’ of their loo and will keep on using it. In fact, they will never want to be without one again.

For a one-off £60 donation, you can twin your toilet with a household latrine and for £240 you can twin with a toilet block in a school or displacement camp. You will receive a certificate with a photo of your toilet twin and its GPS coordinates.


Some of our individual members have also taken part in this worthwhile scheme.

Chiltern Hygiene has twinned its toilet with one in Pakistan and Pure Washrooms has twinned with a school’s toilet block in Guatemala.

Helen from Chiltern Hygiene Services proudly shows off their Toilet Twinning certificate

Tony and Jess from Pure Washrooms with their certificate and twinned toilet!


IWSA Members Awarded City and Guilds

The new Level 2 City and Guilds Certificate in Facilities Services Principles has been created to support anyone working within the facilities industry.

The course content includes a range of topics to choose from, all of which develop the skills to gain a greater understanding  of the facilities sector; from working with customers, sustainability and environmental issues.


IWSA members pride themselves on continual staff development, ensuring their teams are kept up to date with the latest procedures and regulations and this is reflected in the level of service provided.

We would like to to offer our congratulations to Des from Chiltern Hygiene Services, Stan and Steph from Millenium Hygiene Services and Jordan, Andrew, Mike and James from Pure Washrooms.

City and Guilds

If you are looking for a multi-site washroom service provider then talk to the IWSA.
Our members work collaboratively to deliver a local service across the UK and Ireland.

Contact us via the website or email info@iwsa.org.uk 





NVQ Training For IWSA Service Technicians

The IWSA Independent Washroom Services Association has initiated an NVQ Training Programme for Washroom Service Technicians under the auspices of Pure Washrooms Service TeamCity & Guilds Facilities Management Training Programme.

The first day of a three day course was held on Wednesday 8th March 2017 at the offices of IWSA Founder member Pure Washrooms in Coventry West Midlands UK. Delegates attended from Pure Washrooms and from other IWSA members Millennium Hygiene, Diamond Hygiene and Chiltern Hygiene. Two more training days to complete the course are scheduled for April and May.

The course is arranged as three full days in consecutive months and delegates cover a range of topics including Health & Safety, Waste Management, Kaizan and Lean working practices, COSHH, Vehicle Management & working with customers, amongst other related topics.

Key objectives of the programme include the importance of developing good customer relationships, techniques to develop improved working practices, safety in the workplace and statutory requirements relating to waste management.

Delegates who successfully pass the end of course exam on the final day will be awarded a Certificate in Facilities Services Level 2 City & Guilds Accredited.

The course has been developed by Paul Rodgers and run by Richard Fathers from MCP Consulting Group based in Solihull West Midlands. MCP has over 30 years’ experience providing Operational Improvement programmes, Maintenance Assessments and CI Training worldwide.

The IWSA was founded in 2006 and comprises over 30 company members who are all independent owner managed washroom service companies operating across the UK. IWSA members have over 200 service technicians offering quality services to customers in all areas of the UK, a national service delivered locally.

Pure Washrooms Invests in New Digital Service System

Pure Washrooms embraces innovation whether its developing new ideas for our products or improving how we carry out our servicing. We have recently Pure_Paperlessinvested heavily in a new digital service system, which means our engineers are always up to date with the latest information and our customers enjoy a more streamlined and paperless service process.All our engineers are now equipped with an iPad, which communicates directly to our office service system over the 4G network. When your engineer turns up on site, he already has all your information to hand; including contact details, location information, access times plus additional service notes allowing your business to carry on as normal, you will hardly notice they are there!

During the service, the iPad is used by our engineer to keep track of what tasks have been carried out and timings of the site visit. Once the service is complete, we want to ensure you are satisfied with your site visits and the device is used to capture your signature. This is then formatted into an easy to read Electronic Service Receipt, which will be emailed to you; you know exactly what services have been carried out and have easy access to your washroom servicing report for your records.

All our customers are enjoying the benefits of our new system and tell us that it is making a positive difference in terms of time spent on service visits and accessing service reports. As a business, we are also seeing the benefits as our paper and printer ink usage has fallen dramatically, which fits in well with our own environmental policy.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Washroom Services,
please contact us via the website or call us on 
0844 8000 121

Making the Right First Impression

How do you feel when you visit a business with branded entrance mats? Our research tells us that visitors to sites with a branded entrance mat feel more pure-washrooms-matconfident about the business they are visiting as they feel the business takes pride in itself and its appearance.

The small detail of an entrance mat can make a big first impression about your business and the products and services you provide.

Alongside the aesthetics, these mats also provide a service as they will reduce the amount of dirt and germs brought into your workplace, helping to protect your workforce and visitors. A mat will also help minimise the amount of moisture walked into your building. Wet floors are a health and safety issue and it’s important to do what you can to avoid these.

What does your entrance say about you? A worn or dirty entrance mat can create a bad impression for visitors which may hold back potential customers from deciding to do business with you.

Pure Washrooms’ provides a barrier or entrance mat “Lift and Lay” service. We will take care of everything for you and regularly change your entrance mat, so the first impression is always the right one.

For more information please complete our short contact form, or give us a call on 0844 8000 121

Achoo! The effect of a sneezing toilet!

A sneezing toilet? Whatever next?! The idea of a sneezing toilet is not as mad as it sounds. The “sneeze effect” is a term documented by Dr Charles Gerba after he carried out a study on what happens when a toilet is flushed. Were you aware that every time you flush a toilet an invisible cloud of dirty water and faecal bacteria is projected out of the bowl to land on nearby surfaces; which includes the toilet seat, toilet paper, seat covers, handles and floors. In fact, Dr Gerba’s research showed that the spread could be up to 8 feet away and that the bacteria could survive for up to 24 hours. His study also showed that persistent flushing did not help.

Over time and with regular usage, there is a build-up of bacteria and viruses and in a busy office environment, this can also result in the spread of illness.

Closing the toilet lid can help suppress some of the spread of germs, but even this does not guarantee keeping your washrooms 100% germ free.

What can you do to create a cleaner environment?

Pure Washroom’s Sanair Service is perfect for keeping washrooms clean, sanitized and fragranced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It automatically doses sanitizing fluid into the flush water which kills bacteria and also improves the effect of each flush, inhibiting scaling, staining and the build-up of organic waste. Sanair also omits a fragrance into the air of the toilet cubicle, creating a nice fresh smelling toilet. The Toilet Seat Sanitiser Service also provides a hygienic toilet seat treatment with a single application effectively wiping away dirt, germs and bacteria.

The best thing, however, about having Pure Washrooms’ Sanair and Toilet Seat Sanitiser Service installed in your washroom is that we will take care of everything with regular servicing, ensuring your workplace toilet is kept clean and sanitized and freshly fragranced.

To talk to one of our team about our Sanair and Toilet Seat Sanitiser Service, please call us on 0844 8000 121 or drop us an email.

Commercial Washroom FAQ’s

Keeping your commercial washrooms clean and hygienic is essential. Washrooms can be a humid environment, making them a breeding ground for bacteria and nasty diseases. Here are four Frequently Asked Questions and how we can help answer them…

Q. We have issues with urinal blockages in our offices, how can we manage this?Pure Washrooms FAQ's

A. There’s nothing worse than urinal blockages, it is unpleasant to unblock and time consuming to maintain. By using the very latest technology, a Urinal Sleeve is a cost effective way to tackle all the problems associated with urinal hygiene. It is revolutionary urinal sanitation, reducing the risk of blockages, leaks and smells.


Q. How can we reduce the risk of spreading bugs and bacteria from the toilet?

A. We all know how important it is to wash your hands after you have been to the toilet It only takes one person with dirty hands to contaminate a door handle and put everyone else who uses the door handle at risk. A Door Handle Sanitiser can be used to keep everyone’s hands clean.


Q. Our business is keen to save money and help the environment, how can we do this?

A. All of  our members have the knowledge and the expertise to  help make your business more efficient. They all provide Urinal Services and Water Management services developed to save water and reduce water bills.


Q. Our toilets always leave a bad smell, normal air fresheners just seem to mask it?

A. Air fresheners tend not to eliminate bad odours but instead just cover them up. It can also make some people feel uncomfortable having the chemicals in the air. A product such as the the Steril Deodorizer works by drawing contaminated air in and allowing purified air out, killing up to 98.11% of bacteria and eliminating bad odours.

For any help or advice about your washroom services, please contact us.

Did you know that 22nd March each year is World Water Day?

In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly officially set 22nd March as World Water Day. It was created by the UN with one goal to aim for; to ensure that everyone in the world has access to safe drinking water by 2030.

Each year a theme is chosen to highlight one specific issue around water usage and this year the theme is Waste Water. The 2017 campaign encourages us to do what we can to reduce the amount of waste water we produce.

At Pure Washrooms, we understand that reducing water consumption and waste water is good for both the environment and your utility bills. We have developed several products to help you achieve this:

Pure Flush – Saves up to 9 litres per flush PureFlush

The PureFlush is a retrofit variable flush mechanism developed to save water and reduce water bills.  The average 9 litre cisterns use approximately 10 litres of water during each flush, as an extra litre flows from the ball valve during the process. The PureFlush allows the user to reduce this by up to 9 litres per flush, simply by pressing the green button. Due to the innovative design, the PureFlush can be retro-fitted to most existing WC cisterns, using the spare handle hole.

Sensaflush Urinal Water Management System – Reduces your water consumption by up to 90% Sensaflush

The Sensaflush significantly reduces water consumption and associated costs by eradicating unnecessary and expensive water wastage when flushing your urinals. The unit detects urinal usage and flushes after urinals are used. The unit flushes automatically if detection does not occur for more than a 12-hour period.

Pureco Urinal Sleeve Service – Saves water and reduces blockages

Using the very latest technology, Pureco is a cost-effective way to tackle all the problems associated with urinal hygiene. This revolutionary urinal saPureconitation product reduces the risk of blockages, leaks and smells. When the urinals used, urine passes through and around the ‘bio-cap’ and a small amount of bio enzyme is eroded into the solution activating the enzyme. This breaks down the uric salts and limescale reducing the risk of blockages. The Pureco system also includes a purpose-built urinal water manager which significantly reduces water consumption and water bills.

Take a look at our water saving case studies:

Coventry theatre feeling flush after pure washrooms help reduce their water bills by 50%

Car showroom cuts water bills with help from pure washrooms

If you would like to know more about our water saving services, please contact us today for a free site survey.

Spread the Love not the Germs

February is the month of love and romance; well maybe that’s just in the movies! In reality, it is another month of fighting off Winter colds and viruses and we spread the love not the germsare all desperately looking for the first signs of Spring in the air.

Combat the bugs!

The impact of staff illness on your workplace in terms of cost and lost hours can be severe as you battle with covering absences from the never-ending cycle of illness and germs spreading around your business. Apart from putting your staff in isolation, is there anything that can be done?

Let us tell you about an ingenious little piece of equipment called the PureAir Steril. The PureAir Steril is proven to kill 98.11% of bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces. It fits discretely on the walls in your washrooms and around your offices and quietly works away purifying the air and eliminating the germs.

Hands Off!

Hands are the biggest culprit when it comes to spreading germs. You can’t watch over everyone and it’s difficult to implement a hand-washing policy, but you can keep your door handles bug-free. Think about it; where is the one place constantly in contact with hands? Your door handles. Eliminate the bugs from here and you’re halfway through winning the war on staff sickness. Our Pure Mist Door Handle Sanitizer fits neatly on to your doors and automatically sprays a fine mist over the door handle, killing off any germs and halting the spread of illness.

To find out more please get in touch and one of our friendly sales team will be
happy to pop out to see you and give you a demonstration on how these work.