Air Fresheners

air fresheners

Creating a pleasant fragrant working environment.

Our fully programmable Airfresh unit ensures the optimum level of fragrance for your washroom.  Our promise to you is the quality we promise is the quality we deliver, and when you chose our Airfresh unit you will not be disappointed.

Our focus is on the service we provide. As with all of our products the Airfesh is fully serviced and maintained by our team. We introduced this product as it fosters a clear message that your facility cares about the health and well-being of its customers and employees, as do we.

To find out more about our Airfresh service,

please contact us.

The benefits of our Airfresh service:

  • Fresh and inviting scents – ask us for more details…
  • Choice of fragrances
  • Keeps washrooms smelling fresh and clean
  • Flexible 24 hour programming options
  • Contains aromaguard malodour counteractant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Modern, efficient and robust equipment
  • Fully serviced

If you require a Commercial Air Freshener Service, we’re here to help.

“You truly understand the concept of customer care.”
Tricia Tamplin, Oakham School