SMDSAThe Sanitary Medical Disposal Services Association (SMDSA) is a Trade Association, formed in 1993 to maintain high standards within the sanitary, medical and clinical wastes’ management industry.

Members include companies involved in collection and disposal of these wastes, in addition to associated activities such as the manufacture of specialist containers and environmental consultancy.

The Association holds regular meetings and these provide a forum for discussion on all aspects of waste management licencing, procedures, processes, and legislation involved in the production, storage, collection and disposal of these types of waste.

Since the Association is made up of a relatively small number of Members with specialist interests, there is no need for sub-committees, and all members can be equally represented. In this way they are kept informed of recent developments as regards industry practice, Government, Health & Safety Executive, Environment Agency / SEPA etc.

This enables the Association to make representations proactively to the appropriate bodies in relation to issues of policy and/or regulatory requirements and also to respond to formal consultations on such requirements.

Within the S.M.D.S.A, member companies have a wealth of expertise available based on their own lengthy experience in the business, and through the employment of expertise in the necessary disciplines concerned such as waste management & regulation, health & safety, packaging & labelling, transport, incineration, and many more.

SMDSA co-operates with other associations or organisations with similar aims and interests including The Institute of Waste Management (through Industry Affiliate membership), International Healthcare Waste Network (member) and WAMITAB (member).

SMDSA will act as media spokesperson in relation to these matters and can also provide speakers for any forum related to matters of SMDSA interest.