Spice Up Your Washrooms

Spice girlsIt has recently been announced that the Spice Girls will be returning for their reunion tour at the start of June 2019. We finally get a chance to bring back those crazy ninety’s outfits and hairstyles. The last time we were blessed with a Spice Girls tour was in 1998 which feels like a lifetime ago. One thing we hope won’t make a comeback are 90’s style washrooms.

We all remember what a 90’s washroom felt like. Walking into the tiled room to see a toilet that has a dainty black lid, a chain flush and some questionable colours marking the toilet; it’s no wonder these washrooms went out of style.

Whilst the Spice Girls seem to be refreshing their look you could too with your washrooms.

Here at Pure Washrooms, we want to offer you our ‘Pure Guarantee’ for your washrooms. We want to ensure your facilities are up to date with the best products and services to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Most washroom companies fear to make solemn promises and do not extend any guarantee to their customers.

Our Guarantee means you can rest easy knowing that everything is being taken care of for you.

Our Guarantee includes:

  • We guarantee to offer you services and products that meet your specific needs
  • We guarantee to deliver the services and products you buy from us promptly
  • We guarantee to only employ experienced, skilled and trustworthy people for all the work we carry out for you
  • We guarantee to install the equipment properly
  • We guarantee to explain in detail how our products and services work
  • We guarantee to make every scheduled visit on time: every time
  • We guarantee to complete all the paperwork correctly for you
  • We guarantee to fix problems promptly

We want to work with you to give you a hassle-free experience, or as the Spice Girls put it, 2 become 1.

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