Looking to reduce the spread of germs at work?

We are beginning to crave for the first glimpses of spring and a sign that this long winter is almost over. The flu epidemics that have hit the UK over this winter have affected so many. Has your business been affected by staff sickness and absence? Is there anything you can do to reduce the spread of germs and viruses?

Yes, there is…

Pure Washrooms would like to introduce you to Pure Air Sterile. A unique piece of kit that sits discreetly in your washrooms and around you


r workplace. According to Health Protection Agencies Porton Downs Laboratory tests a 1-hour continuous operation of a standard Pure Air unit killed 98.11% of all airborne contaminations. The HPA concluded that these results demonstrated the effectiveness of the Air Sterile technology.


Take action and reduce staff sickness. Contact the IWSA today to book a demonstration.

Air Sterile, secretly fighting the germs on your behalf.