Go Plastic Free with Pure Washrooms!

No to plasticThe headlines are dominated by the Government’s pledge to alleviate the environmental issues caused by plastic. Their target is to eliminate all single-use plastic by 2042 (for many of us this probably won’t be in our life-time!).

IWSA members Pure Washrooms takes environmental issues very seriously and are committed to using environmentally friendly products wherever and whenever they can.

The micro-beads in their soaps, for example, are made from ground up fruit stones and not plastic beads still found in some soap products.

And Pure’s latest innovation, of which they are very proud, is the Pure Velocity urinal sleeve. Its unique design reduces urinal blockages and water usage. The chemical used to break down the uric acid (the build-up of which is the main cause of urinal blockages) is a by-product from the soft-drink manufacturing process. Now, instead of going to waste, this chemical can be put to effective use saving your urinals from bad smells and unwanted blockages.

In addition, the unique design of the Pure Velocity sleeve speeds up the water flow through the urinal and reduces the amount of water needed to flush through your system, reducing your water usage. Another tick in the box for environmental best practice.

All our members adhere to a comprehensive Environmental Policy and can help and advise your business to operate your washrooms in a greener way as possible. Please contact us to find out more.