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AM Services Group

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“AM Services Group currently supply feminine Hygiene services for the whole of the Lancaster University campus, for both academic building and student residence, there are approximately 680 sanitary bins and 15 nappy bins on campus, previously Cannon Hygiene had supplied the university for some 30 years, the decision to change was not taken lightly and given careful consideration.
Pristine Washrooms were able to offer a more competitive price and their bins looked so much better than the Cannon bins, without losing their capacity. I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the high levels of service delivered to the University over the last 3 years.
Pristine are very organised, discreet and professional in their approach and I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone.”
Lancaster University, Karen Peak, Operations Manager
“Pristine have been with us for over 3 years, they have taken over the requirements for the nursery and college hygiene requirements, Not only are their service excellent, their prices are as well.The College has used the market leaders in the past yet found that their service and found that they can not compare with the high levels of service and price Pristine has to offer.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Pristine Washrooms”Xavarian College, Eric Van Der Steen, Facilities Manager

Company Profile

AM Services Group’s positive reputation has always been built on the strong values that underpin the way we behave towards our own staff, our customers and our business partners.
We’re proud of the work we do, and equally proud of the clients we work with. We want to do the very best we can for you to give you time to focus on your key business and to help you succeed in keeping your staff, customers and visitors as happy as possible. So, if you chose to work with us, we can promise that you will always be the star of the show.
Our staff work hard to build trusted partnerships and long-term relationships with our clients. And it works. We’ve got some of the highest customer and staff retention rates in our industry.