Case Study: Pure Washrooms Deliver a True “Silent Service”

The Challenge
Solihull-LogoSolihull School is a successful co-educational school for 7 to 18-year olds in the heart of the Midlands. The school has several washroom facilities on site, all of which need regular fortnightly servicing. The servicing was the responsibility of one of the big nationals and initially a different service technician looked after each different service areas, which wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t until the servicing company decided to change the arrangements and give the work to one person that the problems started. Chris McCall, the School Marshal in charge of the contract explains, “The level of service deteriorated and became rushed and unreliable. When I met Pure Washrooms and heard about their commitment to delivering a quality service, I invited them to tender for the contract.”

Pure’s Solution
Following a thorough survey of the school’s washroom facilities, Pure designed a fortnightly servicing schedule to suit the schools needs. Pure Washrooms assigns one Service Technician to carry out of work on site so that they get to know the routine and don’t need hand-holding on each visit. However, unlike the previous supplier Pure does not rush things and everything is always carried out to our exacting standards, delivering a consistent service time and time again.

Pure was awarded the contract in 2013 and Solihull School has been a loyal customer ever since.

Our Service Technician Darren visits the school each fortnight and make sure he stays on site until the work is done. Darren (and all our Service Technicians) are DBS Checked which allows them to work on school property unattended. We can get on with our work without the need for supervision, freeing up your time to carry on with your usual day to day tasks.

In Summary
When we say the “quality we promise is the promise we deliver” we mean it! Whether you have been our customer for 1 month or 10 years.

The promise extends from our service level to our quality products and our advanced administration systems. You have enough things to worry about, make sure your washroom servicing is not one of them. If you are feeling frustrated or let down by your washroom service provider, why not book a free site survey with us?

“I have been so impressed with Pure Washrooms since day one and have recommended them to my contacts. They do an excellent job. Everything “just happens”. They deliver a true “silent service” and I know that whatever needs doing will just get done.”
Chris McCall, School Marshal at Solihull School