Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser, Alcohol Hand Foam Sanitisers, Swine Flu protection
Bactericidal Surface Wipes, Swine Flu protection
Surface Sanitiser Spray, Sanitising Sprays, Swine Flu protection
Spray Surface sanitisers will clean large areas removing surface germs and bacteria
Surface Sanitiser Wipes are useful for areas where liquid spray cannot be used, eg, phones, keyboards, elevator buttons etc

• Use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth when coughing and/or sneezing.
Dispose of the tissue promptly and then wash your hands.

• Wash hands frequently with soap and water, especially after coughing,
sneezing, and using tissues.

• An Alcohol Hand Sanitiser can be used as an
alternative for cleaning hands that are visibly clean.

• Avoid touching your mouth, eyes and/or nose,
unless you have recently cleaned your hands.

• Use normal household detergent and water to clean surfaces
frequently touched by hands or use bactericidal wipes or sprays.

• After shaking hands, handling money or other people’s property, touching common
surfaces clean hands with a hand sanitiser if proper washing is inconvenient

• Before you leave work you should wash your hands and wash them again soon
after you arrive home.

All IWSA members can provide advice and products to help protect you and your staff from the risks of swine flu
Swine Flu - Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough
Alcohol or Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitisers can be used on visibly clean hands
The 'Air Steril' Air Steriliser is proven by the HPA to destroy over 98% of airborne bacteria, germs and viruses. It is safe to use in continually ocupied areas such as offices, waiting rooms etc
Air Steril, Air Purifier, Air Steriliser, Swine Flu protection
Health Protection Agency
Health Protection Agency
Air Steril, Air Purifier, Air Steriliser, Swine Flu protection
Direct Gov - Government advice on swine flu
NHS Direct - Swine Flu Advice

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